Security Screen Doors for Houston, TX, Residences

When the weather is pleasant outside, do you feel comfortable enough to leave your doors and windows open without fear of someone sneaking in or a little one wandering out? If you can’t definitively say yes to this question, you need the premium security screen doors from our Houston, TX, experts.

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Security Screen Doors From Our Houston, TX, Experts

The best security door installers in Houston, TX, are conscious of the fact that increasing security shouldn’t come at the expense of aesthetic appeal. Say goodbye to bulky steel doors that rust easily in favor of a new generation of residential security screen doors in Houston, TX. Our doors improve your home’s eye appeal and offer the protection you need to feel comfortable at home. They also don’t rust and close silently. Contact our security door services in Houston, TX, for custom-made doors that reflect your unique preferences.

These doors enhance the look of your property, discourage criminals, and let in fresh air. Plus, we offer prompt and dependable security door services for Houston, TX, homeowners, so you can rest assured your home’s security will remain intact.

Is a Security Screen Door Installation the Right Option for Your Houston, TX, Home?

  • Would you want to be able to open your windows in the spring, summer, or fall without worrying that trespassers or criminals may have uncontrolled access to your home?
  • Are you looking for a solution to increase the safety of your home?
  • Do you desire a front door that adds value to your house?


If you answered “Yes!” to any of these inquiries, contact our security door installers in Houston, TX. We will help you choose a door that boosts security, matches the design of your home, and enhances the exterior attractiveness of your house. We are happy to provide the following options to residents of Houston, TX:

  • Viewguard Security Doors
  • Titan Security Screen Doors
  • Double Security Screen Doors
  • Front Door Security Screens
  • Security Storm Doors
  • And so much more!


To enjoy increased protection and access to fresh air, call on our experts for a security screen door installation for your Houston, TX, home. We’ll bring the door options to you and install the screen on the same day.

The Den Defenders Difference

“The work was professionally done…neat and perfect! He showed up early which is a plus. The door is pure quality and gorgeous! I can feel safer opening the main door now.”


“I’ve been looking for a security door that wouldn’t look so bulky or ugly like other security doors and [they] had just what I was looking for.”


“They were very professional and kept me up to date throughout the installation process. They cleaned up after the installations. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


The Advantages of Double Security Screen Doors in Houston, TX

Enhanced Protection

Put a security metal screen door on your Houston, TX, home to protect your family and keep burglars at bay.

Improved Air-Flow

Our stainless steel mesh security screen doors ensure you can enjoy a gentle cross-breeze.

Unmatched Beauty

Our premium security screen doors in Houston, TX, can be customized to fit the architectural style of your house.

Choose the Best Features of Titan & Viewguard Security Doors for Your Houston, TX, Residence

Because no two houses are identical, you shouldn’t be limited to choosing from a narrow range of run-of-the-mill door designs. When you select Viewguard and Titan Security Doors in Houston, TX, you can design the door to your preferences. For instance, Titan security screen doors from our Houston, TX, company come in 40 various styles and 12 different colors. Viewguard doors provide more than 15 frame colors and keep out pests and trespassers. Whichever option you choose, the door will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of your house.

Enhance Your Home’s Style With Additional Features

When creating the custom security screen doors for your Houston, TX, house, give careful thought to the following important components:


  • Perforated Mesh: For increased privacy, add perforated mesh to the security metal screen door on your Houston, TX, house. This mesh will prevent passers-by from peering in.
  • Meshtec Screens: These stainless steel mesh screens offer the ventilation you expect from an open door without obstructing your view or sacrificing security.
  • Storm Doors: You may further secure your home by installing security storm doors from our Houston, TX, professionals. These doors include tempered glass inserts that protect your home from bad weather.
  • French Doors: Does your home have French doors? We can create a solution specifically for your entryway.
  • Hidden Gear Hinges: Homeowners all around the country use security screen doors with continuous gear hinges because they are quiet, strong, and covert.

Follow Three Easy Steps to Install Back and Front Door Security Screens on Your Houston, TX, Home

1. Give Us a Call
2. We'll Present Your Options
3. Trust the Installation Process to Us

Our Experts Provide Quick Security Door Quotes in Houston, TX

You can rely on our security door experts in Houston, TX, to identify and address the your concerns. We will provide a solution to restore the security and tranquility of your house with a security screen door.

Security screen doors increase curb appeal in addition to preventing break-ins. 

Design Your Custom Security Screen Doors in Houston, TX, Now!

When you work with Den Defenders, you won’t have to worry about criminals taking advantage of an open door while you bask in the fresh air within your house. We can install premium security screen doors on your Houston, TX, home within a matter of days after you contact us. To choose the best door for your needs and house, schedule a free consultation with one of our security experts.

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