Security Screen Doors to Safeguard Your Home in Fort Worth, TX

You want nothing more than to be able to leave the front door open to enjoy a pleasant breeze when the sun is shining, and it’s a cool 75°F outdoors. But each time you go for the doorknob, you stop yourself because you’re afraid of the dangers you’ll be exposed to, such as intruders and pests.

Turn to Den Defenders if you are familiar with this situation! We provide premium security screen doors in Fort Worth, TX, that deter burglars, let in fresh air, and improve the appearance of your property. We provide professional security door installation for Fort Worth, TX, homeowners, so you can be confident your screen door will endure the test of time.

Should You Consider a Security Screen Door Installation for Your Fort Worth, TX, Home?

  • Would you like to be able to open your windows in the spring, summer, or fall without being concerned about burglars or trespassers having unrestricted access to your house?
  • Are you trying to find a way to make your house more secure?
  • Do you want a front door that makes your house look more beautiful?


Turn to our security door installers in Fort Worth, TX, if you answered “Yes!” to the above questions. We will work with you to select a door that increases security, compliments the style of your house, and improves its curb appeal. When you work with us, you will be able to choose from a wide range of color and style possibilities, such as the following choices for locals in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Titan Security Screen Doors
  • Viewguard Security Doors
  • Double Security Screen Doors
  • Security Storm Doors
  • Front Door Security Screens
  • And more!


Book a security screen door installation in Fort Worth, TX, today to benefit from greater security and easier access to fresh air tomorrow. We bring the door options to you and provide same-day services for unrivaled solutions.

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Our Residential Security Screen Doors Enhance the Safety of Your Fort Worth, TX, Home

The leading security door installers in Fort Worth, TX, are aware that improving security should not entail sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Bid farewell to heavy steel doors that rust easily and have a prison-cell look, and say hello to a new generation of residential security screen doors in Fort Worth, TX. Our doors provide the security you need to feel safe, don’t rust, close quietly, and enhance the appearance of your house. Additionally, our security door services in Fort Worth, TX, provide you with made-to-order, personalized doors that match your personal preferences for aesthetic design.

The Den Defenders Difference

“The work was professionally done…neat and perfect! He showed up early which is a plus. The door is pure quality and gorgeous! I can feel safer opening the main door now.”


“I’ve been looking for a security door that wouldn’t look so bulky or ugly like other security doors and [they] had just what I was looking for.”


“They were very professional and kept me up to date throughout the installation process. They cleaned up after the installations. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


The Benefits of Double Security Screen Doors in Fort Worth, TX


Install a security metal screen door on your Fort Worth, TX, house to keep your family secure and stay one step ahead of burglars.


With stainless steel mesh security screen doors, you can take advantage of a gentle breeze throughout your entire home.


Our security screen doors in Fort Worth, TX, can be made to order to match the style of your house.

Select the Features of Your Titan & Viewguard Security Doors in Fort Worth, TX

You shouldn’t be restricted to a small selection of generic door designs because your home is unique and deserves an equally unique door. When you use Viewguard and Titan Security Doors in Fort Worth, TX, you can alter the door to suit your style preferences. For instance, the Titan security screen doors in Fort Worth, TX, are available in 12 different colors and 40 different patterns. Viewguard doors provide more than 15 frame colors and deter intruders, pests, and insects. Whichever choice you pick, you can be sure that the door will improve the curb appeal of your house.

Remember to Pick the Door’s Additional Features

Give careful consideration to the following crucial elements when designing your custom security screen doors for your Fort Worth, TX, home:


  • Perforated Mesh: Add perforated mesh to your security metal screen door in Fort Worth, TX, for more privacy. This mesh will keep outsiders (and neighbors) from peeping in.
  • Screens by Meshtec: Although these black-painted stainless steel mesh screens are discreet, they still provide the visibility and ventilation that an open door provides.
  • Storm Doors: By installing security storm doors from our Fort Worth, TX, experts, you increase the security of your property. These doors contain tempered glass inserts to safeguard your house from inclement weather.
  • French Doors: Do you have French doors in your house? That won’t be an issue for our specialists! Each of our doors is customized to fit any residential entryway.
  • Hidden Gear Hinges: Every little detail counts when it comes to the front of your home. The preference for security screen doors with continuous gear hinges is common among homeowners because they are silent, powerful, and discreet.

Get Back and Front Door Security Screens in Fort Worth, TX, in Three Simple Steps

  1. Make a Call: We’ll assist you in setting up a consultation for installing security screen doors in your Fort Worth, TX, house that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.
  2. We’ll Bring the Door Options to You: Your security adviser will assist you in choosing a door during the consultation visit that provides the security, functionality, and aesthetic you want.
  3. Sit Back & Unwind: You can breathe in the fresh air and feel secure knowing your house has an additional layer of defense once our qualified and insured technicians have finished the installation.

All It Takes Is Three Easy Steps

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2. We’ll Come to You
3. Sit Back & Unwind

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Security screen doors are fantastic options for enhancing home security. In addition to being incredibly resilient and deterring undesirable visitors, they also improve curb appeal. 

You can rely on our security door experts in Fort Worth, TX, to identify and address the your concerns. We will provide a solution to restore the security and tranquility of your house with a security screen door.

Create Your Custom Security Screen Doors in Fort Worth, TX, Today

By enlisting the help of Den Defenders, you can enjoy fresh air inside your house without being concerned about burglars taking advantage of an open door. Within a few days of contacting us, we’ll assist you with installing premium security screen doors on your Fort Worth, TX, house. Set up a free appointment with one of our security advisors today.

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